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We'll never be as bright as we are now...  

Hey there! I'm Tatu :)

Julio 03rd 2014 3 044 notas

you s e r i o u s l y need to find something better than a baseball bat.

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#Holland Roden #dylan o'brien #lydia #Stiles
Julio 01st 2014 16 562 notas

World Cup 2014: Quarter-finals.

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Junio 22nd 2014 8 017 notas

cutie o’brien

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#dylan o'brien
Junio 22nd 2014 6 074 notas


Lost the game — but won our hearts. 

Junio 22nd 2014 406 notas

Lovely James <3

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#Jay Mcguiness
Junio 18th 2014 1 914 notas

Favorite People: Nathan Sykes

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#Nathan Sykes
Junio 18th 2014 554 notas

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#Jay Mcguiness
Junio 18th 2014 85 notas

Imax and Jay <3

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#Jay Mcguiness #imax
Junio 18th 2014 350 notas

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#max george
Junio 18th 2014 136 notas

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#The Wanted
Junio 18th 2014 609 notas


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#Jay Mcguiness #max george
Junio 15th 2014 725 notas

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#Jay Mcguiness
Junio 15th 2014 625 notas

#jiva <3

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#Jay Mcguiness #Siva Kaneswaran
Junio 15th 2014 33 990 notas


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Junio 11th 2014 37 notas


Say hi to my baby. <3 :”)

#skylar austin